Learning Unity

To anyone who has been reading my Breath of the Wild Diary you may have noticed that I have been terrible about posting (in that I haven’t posted) for two or three weeks. My Zelda playing has dropped way off, but there is a good reason for it. At the beginning of September I began learning how to use Unity. Unity is a free Game engine that anyone can use to make games or videos or game/video experiences. If you have ever heard that a video game was developed with Epic’s Unreal engine, Unity is another game engine and both are available to the public. Game development studios often have their own proprietary engines, but Unity and Unreal can be used by anyone and so a lot of indie games are developed on these engines. I’m learning how to use Unity (which uses C sharp as its coding language) and how to write in C sharp. The Unity website has a bunch of tutorial videos on their website that help you learn by building games. I finished my first (real) game the other day and made it available on itch.io You can play the game here, and I will be posting more things that I make at whereisthebubbler.itch.io, so watch the space.

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