Start the year with… Podcasts

I’ve been meaning to write about my favorite/podcasts in general for a while now. I want that to be a significant part of this site as I think that podcast coverage, recommendation, discovery on the internet is still lacking. Apple’s podcast store recommendations are pretty good but they still really push the big names and podcasts from popular networks and media sources. I want to get into podcast coverage in the coming months with some “starter guides” that I am currently working on. I know that podcasts are not for everyone, but I think if there was an easier way in, then maybe more people would give them a chance, maybe. This was my goal with a Christmas present that I gave one of my siblings. I have listened to podcasts with them previously and they enjoyed it, but they are not into the work of hunting down podcasts or episodes to find the ones they enjoy. And this is the thing with podcasts as well, they are not all great, and even great podcasts put out episodes of varying quality/interesting subject matter. With this in mind I focused on collecting the best episodes I could, and putting the mp3 files on a flash drive for my sibling to listen to however they want. I focused on episodes and not the podcast itself with the hope of interesting them in the medium so that they are maybe up to developing their own podcast taste, or they come back to me and ask me to put together another playlist (this would also be a huge win).

I figured that maybe other people might also be interested in this playlist if they are trying to get into podcasts or have someone they want to recommend a few episodes to. I have grouped the episodes according to the podcast, so there are five or six podcasts and about thirty episodes. Because I was putting together a playlist for someone I know really well, I orientated it towards their taste, rather than creating a playlist that might be more broadly appealing. To this end all of the episodes are narrative based and lean towards tiny/big mysteries, social/cultural investigation, and true crime. Personally I listen to a number podcasts which are just a couple of people talking about some topic (comedy, superheroes, video games) but I couldn’t recommend these to my sibling as they would not enjoy this. The playlist does include some of the largest podcasts (Serial, S-Town) but also some smaller ones that I don’t think a lot of people are aware of. Anyways, I think that’s about everything. I hope you enjoy, and look forward to more discussion about podcast related things on this site in the future.

Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything

The Clouds (Part 1 of 3) link

The Clouds (Part 2 0f 3) link

The Clouds (Part 3 0f 3) link

Concrete and Respect (Wisconsin part 1 0f 2) link

Iron and Lies (Wisconsin part 2 0f 2) link


An Ice Cold Case link

Beyond Time link

Black Box link

Colors link

Galapagos link

Patient Zero link

Space link

Speed link

The Trouble With Everything link

Time link

What’s Left When You’re Right link

Reply ALL

This Website Is For Sale link

The Time Traveler and The Hitman link

The Line link

On the Inside (Part 1 of 4) link

On the inside (Part 2 of 4) link

On the Inside (Part 3 of 4) link

On the Inside (Part 4 of 4) link

S-Town (find all chapters here)

Serial: Season 2 (find all of season 2 here)

Tanis (find all three seasons here)

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