A Few Thoughts About “At the Gates of Valhalla” #1

I had intended to write about The Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1, but this issue is more of a separate thing from the main series than I had expected, so I decided to forgo a normal review but still wanted to share some thoughts about this issue and the direction of the Thor book going forward. I was expecting this issue to deal … Continue reading A Few Thoughts About “At the Gates of Valhalla” #1

The Mighty Thor #706

Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Russell Dauterman Colors: Matt Wilson Cover: Russell Dauterman Published: April 25, 2018 It’s no use tiptoeing around what happens in this issue as it needs to be discussed because it’s important and wonderful and a big surprise (I was not expecting it al all). The review for The Mighty Thor #705 signed off with “goodbye Dr. Foster, and may you find … Continue reading The Mighty Thor #706

Black Panther #172

Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates Artist: Leonard Kirk Colors: Laura Martin + Matt Milla Cover: Chris Sprouse + Matt Milla + Karl Story Published: April 18, 2018 The Wakandan pantheon of gods (the Orisha) locked away the originators (the original persons/creatures who occupied the land) in another dimension which secured the territory that is now called Wakanda for future generations and gave rise to the first Black … Continue reading Black Panther #172