Episode 18: Isle of Dogs

We are back with another episode in our ongoing Wes Anderson Series. This time is it 2018’s animated movie, Isle of Dogs. We get into all the issues that the internet settled a couple of years ago and try to figure out our feelings on the orientalism and the way it aestheticizes Japan without seemingly having any point of view. We also wonder if it has the enduring charm and attraction that we found in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Continue reading Episode 18: Isle of Dogs

Episode 14: Howl’s Moving Castle

We have finally come to the end our Studio Ghibli series of Podcasts. We get into what turned about to be a surprising, funny and decidedly anti-war movie. This is maybe our broadest discussion around one of these movies but these movies, but the speaks to all the different ideas and themes that woven into this movie, all there for you to pay attention to or not. Continue reading Episode 14: Howl’s Moving Castle