Episode 20: WandaVision Wrap-up

This episode is being posted a little bit later than expected but here are our final thoughts on the full season of WandaVision. This is the episode where Angela makes lots of really great points that I struggle to respond to cause I get really in my feelings about this show. Or I would be really in my feelings if I was a little bit clearer about what my feelings are? Continue reading Episode 20: WandaVision Wrap-up

Episode 13: The Vision (2015-16) & WandaVision

Hello, we are back after a week off, with maybe the most topical episode that we done yet. We are talking about a TV showing that is still coming out! We still have a throwback spin though. We are talking The Vision comic book series from about five years ago in conjunction with the the newly released WandaVision TV show. Continue reading Episode 13: The Vision (2015-16) & WandaVision