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Breath of the Wild Diary

Day 26 of Breath of the Wild (8/15/17)

So, I have spent to much time with BotW in the last week and unfortunately went two or three days without picking it. When I posted my last entry I had just stumbled onto Rito village after having filled out my map. I had about 20 spirit orbs to trade in for some hearts and stamina so I was desperate to get to a shrine and level up as I was still a little underpowered to employ a more hack n’ slash technique against tougher bokoblins, moblins, and lizalfos (not to mentions lynels, how do you beat those things). I, like anyone running around hyrule, had seen the thing floating off in the Northwest corner of the map since the game began and wondered what it was while also using it to get my bearings at times. Its was one of those things where the appropriate response is “What is that?” I’ve had that thought so many times while playing, and each time is like a prick of wonder that only deepens my investment into the game and the world. The first time I saw a wizzrobe I had to stop and stare at it to figure out what was going on. Was it an enemy, a friend, is it dancing or frolicking? It was genuinely wonderful moment of wonder in a game filled with them.

Back to Rito village, I hadn’t intended to go for a divine beast as I have been focusing on shrines and trying to improve my combat skills. But I talked to the elder and went to find the rito warrior at the flight range to see what this divine beast was about. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think my favorite thing to do in this game right now is the paragliding into slow-mo archery mechanic. It makes me feel like a superhero or something, and I am using it whenever I can. The tutorial/warmup for the divine beast was basically only that mechanic which got me real excited to attempt the beast. This was my second beast (did the elephant one previously and really enjoyed it) and I didn’t need any internet help this time to unravel the puzzles, but they took me way longer than they should have. I am terrible at using the physical control of the beast to move from one terminal to the next. I just absolutely forget I have that option, which made getting to the two terminals on the wings real tricky. But the best part is the confrontation with the different forms of gannon. I’m not particular good at video games so the idea of a boss fight is a bit worrisome. This battle and the previous ones though have not depended on what my game stats were but my ability to operate in this world. Yeah, you could try to hack at gannon when he’s close to the ground, but the better strategy is to dodge all his fire and then fly up an air shaft and use that slow-mo archery to hit him with a few bomb arrows. I haven’t played a Zelda title previously so I can’t compare it to the rest of the series, but I love this approach to/type of boss fights which tests your gameplay skills rather than a battle where the things that matter are your hp, weapons and number of potions you’ve made. Zelda you’ve done it again, meaning I am really enjoying playing this game.

My next objectives is to head back to the korok forest and attempt some of the trials they have their. I made my way in once but didn’t spend to much time. That is part of a larger goal of getting back to akkala stables and finding the little guy who only come out at night from what I’ve heard (trying to get that dark link armor).

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