Comicsly | adverb; in a manner that defies explanation but deserves recognition and praise

The Mighty Thor #700

The Death of The Mighty Thor Part 1

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artists + Colors: Numerous

Cover Art: Russell Dauterman

Published: October 18, 2017

The Mighty Thor, number 700 (said in an appropriately booming voice) is very very good. This issue is what Marvel Legacy #1 was supposed/could have been. A grand tale consisting of separate threads which are not all connected but narratively still feel consistent and cohesive. They are bound by the turmoil that defines the current state of the Thor part of Marvel Universe. Thor the unworthy is unable to defend the world tree and the Norns from Malekith’s army, Volstagg is reunited with the ultimate universe hammer and as War Thor runs into Mangog, Mighty Thor confronts Jenn Walters’ new dark hulk form, Throg (frog Thor) aids Mighty Thor in her battle, Black Galactus fights and then fuses with Ego the Living Planet to form Ego the Necroworld, Loki is still trying to bond with his father, Thanos and Hela are out there somewhere and mad about something, Young Thor and The All-Father at the End of Time make appearances as well. This issue sets up Odinson, Mighty Thor and War Thor heading towards a massive battle with mangog while Malekith continues to scheme in the background and any of the disparate threads, apart from Throg’s (probably), could be a part of the “War of the Realms” knot. Perhaps it is that sense of narrative shape that makes this a really fun issue to read and re-read. But that narrative shape has been carefully created by Jason Aaron in both of the Mighty Thor books he has worked on since 2014, and this book is a testament to the good work he has been doing. Because the Mighty Thor has covered a huge amount of ground since Aaron and Dauterman started working on this book, it allows for the possibility that even some of the more absurd threads in this issue could eventually tie in and they would absolutely fit (personally I hope this Ego the Necroplanet thing pays off). This issue might not be the best jumping on point for what’s going with Thor/Jane Foster, but for anyone who is reading and loving this book it encapsulates the humor, and action, and heart that is always present.

This was huge book with a bunch of short Thor Vignettes that were each drawn by a different group of one or two artist. Series Regular Russell Dauterman did the art for the Odinson/Norns section which was the first vignette in this book and established a tone for the book. The art deviates significantly from those first pages, but the inspiration and imagination that Dauterman brought to those first pages (and every issue) was carried through. The Galactus vs Ego pages were particularly fantastical and very fun, while the moment where the mangog shows up was one of the more gruesome moments from a Thor book in some time (it viscerally decapitates a goat). But perhaps the standout piece of art from this issue was a splash page which focused on Mighty Thor and she was surrounded by the other important characters.

Again if you’re not across what is happing in Mighty Thor right now then this might not be the issue to start with (but maybe it is). It’s fun and colorful with a lot of action, and could be an issue that motivates new readers to get caught up. Though if starting with issue #700 of a thing is daunting then maybe give this a go.

(Subjective) Score out of 10: 10



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