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Episode 5: My Neighbor Totoro

Episode five, half way to ten! This week we talk about the Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbor Totoro. This is the first of a series of Ghibli movies that we will be watching over the next few months. This is very much an introduction to the works of Studio Ghibli for both of us and a process of learning how to talk about these movies. I think you will hear us have that familiar struggle where you like something a lot but have a hard time articulating exactly why. I think we get to a few of the key reasons, but this movie has us very much looking forward to watching and talking about more studio Ghibli movies in the future.

What we are enjoying this week

Angela – Nicole Byers Podcasts

Joseph – Lego NES

The music in this episode is the song Something Elated by the band Broke for Free. You can find their music here.

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