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Episode 8: Princess Mononoke

We are back for episode eight with our second Studio Ghibli movie. This week we watched the 1997 movie, Princess Mononoke. I think we both expected something a little bit different based on the last Ghibli movie we watched but we both very much enjoyed the complexity we found here. I don’t know if it is a movie for kids, but I think it is a movie kids should see. It never talks down to you or dilutes or message and it’s not trying to give you a simple or easy answer. In case you can’t tell from this we both really like this movie and we try to get at what it’s doing that drew us into this movie.

We mentioned this article and this article in our conversation.

What we are enjoying this week.

The music in this episode is the song Something Elated by the band Broke for Free. You can find their music on the free music archive.

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