Comicsly | adverb; in a manner that defies explanation but deserves recognition and praise

Episode 15: Kentucky Route Zero

This podcast is about the friends we made along the way, and also how capitalism tried to tear us apart. Okay that’s not exactly true but also not exactly false. Kentucky Route Zero contains multitudes and so does our podcast about it. At least I hope it does. This was an interesting conversation because Angela and I had very different reactions to it even though we both recognized its brilliance in how it is both expansive and highly specific in its subject matter, and the way it challenged us to reconsider what it means to “play” a game. Hope you enjoy coming along for this journey with us.

If you enjoyed the episode and want more thought about Kentucky Route Zero, this is a great review by Austin Walker from Waypoint

This week’s One-shots.

Angela – Musescore

Joseph – Star Wars Lo-Fi Hip Hop

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The music you heard in this episode is the song Something Elated by the band Broke for Free. You can find their music here, on the free music archive.

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