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Episode 18: Isle of Dogs

We are back with another episode in our ongoing Wes Anderson Series. This time is it 2018’s animated movie, Isle of Dogs. We get into all the issues that the internet settled a couple of years ago and try to figure out our feelings on the orientalism and the way it aestheticizes Japan without seemingly having any point of view. We also wonder if it has the enduring charm and attraction that we found in The Grand Budapest Hotel and what we are going to find in his movies going forward. Also, we talk about how superheroes would behave in the pandemic because we also do that on this podcast.

We reference this Vulture article, this New Yorker article, this Youtube video, and here is that great sushi scene.

This week’s One-shots.

Angela – Erased

Joseph – Spider-Man Life Story

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The music in this episode is a Lof-Fi Remix of the song Concerning Hobbits by PatrickMoonBird. You can find their music here and here on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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