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Episode 27: Itaewon Class (9-16)

It’s finally here! Our discussion of the second half of Itaewon Class. Previously we talked about episodes 1-8 on the podcast, we are going to be finishing that discussion by going over episodes 9-16 and also discussing the series as a whole. This was a really fun episode to record and pushed us to look at something new and consider TV made in another part of the world and how it compares with our normal expectations of TV made in the US. Thank you for listening to this episode of our podcast and we hope you join us again next week. 

This week’s One-shots

Angela – Only Murders in the Building S1

Joseph – Reservation Dogs S1

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The music in this episode is a Lof-Fi Remix of the song Concerning Hobbits by PatrickMoonBird. You can find their music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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