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Episode 10: BTS & Sufjan Stevens Holiday Music

It’s a musical mashup episode in which we mash up two genres that have basically nothing to do with each other. For the first half of the episode, we talk about the pop music sensation BTS and their new-ish album Be. We follow that up in the second half of the episode with a thorough, or at least as thorough as we could be, discussion of the Christmas and holiday music of Sufjan Stevens. This was a really fun episode to do and hope that comes across in the recording. We each had something we were really excited to talk about and I think that excitement filled the whole episode. We really hope you enjoy this one and that it is as fun to listen to as it was to record. Happy holidays everyone.

We talked about this article on BTS and this thesis on Sufjan during the episode

We also put together two Spotify Playlists for the music we talked about this week.

BTS Playlist

Sufjan Stevens Christmas Music Playlist

Angela’s Spotify Profile

What we are enjoying this week.

Angela – Lyn Lapid

Joseph – Survivor Season 28

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The music you heard in this episode is the song Something Elated by the band Broke for Free. You can find their music here, on the free music archive.

Angela’s Top 4 Sufjan Christmas Songs

  • 1. Christmas in the Room
  • 2. Sister Winter
  • 3. Christmas Unicorn
  • 4. Star of Wonder

Joseph’s Top 15 Sufjan Christmas Songs

  • 1. Star of Wonder
  • 2. Christmas in the Room
  • 3. Sister Winter
  • 4. Carol of St. Benjamin The Bearded One
  • 5. Lonely Man of Winter (Doveman Mix feat. Melissa Mary Ahern)
  • 6. Amazing Grace
  • 7. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • 8. Angels We Have Heard on High
  • 9. The Midnight Clear
  • 10. Only At Christmas Time
  • 11. Lumberjack Christmas / No one can save you from Christmases Past
  • 12. Hey Guys! It’s Christmas Time!
  • 13. Justice Delivers Its Death
  • 14. X-mas Spirit Catcher
  • 15. Jupiter Winter

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