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Episode 11: Spirited Away

We are back after the holiday break with another episode in our Studio Ghibli series. This time it’s Spirited Away, the only Studio Ghibli movie to win an Oscar. This is widely considered their best movie for reasons that we try to figure out during our conversation. I think we both find it interesting that this is the movie that penetrated western culture so strongly compared to some of their other movies which are just as good if not better. Anyways we get into all of it in the episode. Thanks for listening and if you like our podcast please leave a like and a review on the podcast player of your choice.

What we are enjoying this week.

Angela – Overcooked 2

Joseph – Immortals: Fenyx Rising

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The music you heard in this episode is the song Something Elated by the band Broke for Free. You can find their music here, on the free music archive.

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