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Episode 23: Itaewon Class (Ep 1-8) Comicsly Podcast

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  • Play Nice: A Games Journal

    12/03/2018 What up worldwide web, I hope none of you all, unlike me, are back on your bullshit. I’m once again a month late in writing about the games I’ve been playing. Today is Marvel’s: Spider-Man which I wanted to write about multiple times during the month of October. I’m behind here and (if anyone…

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    Marvel Legacy #1

    Episode 23: Itaewon Class (Ep 1-8)

    Hi all, sorry for the (checks notes) five-month break. No real excuse except for everything and nothing at all. Working through an editing backlog so hopefully will get a number of episodes out over the next few weeks as we start recording new episodes. This one here though is a good listen. We get into one of Angela’s favorite K-drama’s and I fall pretty hard for it too.

    Episode 22: My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

    Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Kabi Nagata. This Manga has a strong personal connection for each of us because of when we both read it for the first time about five years ago. Angela was in high school and I was in college and neither of us were where or who we wanted to be.

    Episode 21: Fantastic Mr Fox

    It is finally here. All episode thus far have been leading up to this moment. No not really but we have been looking forward to this episode quite a bit in our Wes Anderson series. This is the Wes Anderson film we are most familiar with and something that we have been talking about in our episodes is the re-watchability of these movies, so movie was a good test of that for us.

    Episode 20: WandaVision Wrap-up

    This episode is being posted a little bit later than expected but here are our final thoughts on the full season of WandaVision. This is the episode where Angela makes lots of really great points that I struggle to respond to cause I get really in my feelings about this show. Or I would be really in my feelings if I was a little bit clearer about what my feelings are?

    Episode 19: Inside

    We take a look at Inside this week and try to see what’s in this horror-puzzle-2D-platformer from 2016. Turns out there is quite a bit in there for us to get into. It wouldn’t be a video game episode if Angela and I didn’t have at least slightly disagreeing viewpoint or opinions.

    Episode 18: Isle of Dogs

    We are back with another episode in our ongoing Wes Anderson Series. This time is it 2018’s animated movie, Isle of Dogs. We get into all the issues that the internet settled a couple of years ago and try to figure out our feelings on the orientalism and the way it aestheticizes Japan without seemingly having any point of view. We also wonder if it has the enduring charm and attraction that we found in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    Marvel Legacy #1

    Writer: Jason Aaron Artists: Esad Ribic, Steve McNiven, Others Colors: Matt Wilson Cover Art: Joe Quesada Published: September 27, 2017 An alternate title suggestion for Marvel Legacy #1: Hi, a significant portion of the Marvel Universe. Legacy #1 has been touted all summer as a sort of return to the status quo, to the classic […]

  • Runaways #1

    Episode 17: Alice Isn’t Dead Part 1

    This podcast is sometimes just a podcast but sometimes it isn’t just a podcast. That was utter nonsense, don’t mind me. This podcast is always at least a podcast. But is Alice isn’t dead just a podcast? If you are slightly confused then maybe you will empathize with us during our conversation about the first season of the podcast Alice Isn’t Dead.

    Episode 16: The Grand Budapest Hotel

    When you check into the Grand Budapest hotel you can never leave… I think I got my references mixed up there, but you may never want to leave anyways based on how much we enjoyed our time with The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    Episode 15: Kentucky Route Zero

    This podcast is about the friends we made along the way, and also how capitalism tried to tear us apart. Okay that’s not exactly true but also not exactly false. Kentucky Route Zero contains multitudes and so does our podcast about it. At least I hope it does.

    Episode 14: Howl’s Moving Castle

    We have finally come to the end our Studio Ghibli series of Podcasts. We get into what turned about to be a surprising, funny and decidedly anti-war movie. This is maybe our broadest discussion around one of these movies but these movies, but the speaks to all the different ideas and themes that woven into this movie, all there for you to pay attention to or not.

    Episode 13: The Vision (2015-16) & WandaVision

    Hello, we are back after a week off, with maybe the most topical episode that we done yet. We are talking about a TV showing that is still coming out! We still have a throwback spin though. We are talking The Vision comic book series from about five years ago in conjunction with the the newly released WandaVision TV show.

    Episode 12: 2020 In Review

    We are here at the end of the year and we think that is worth noticing and celebrating. We spend sone time on this episode reflecting on what brought us joy, what distracted us, what we struggled with and how we changed over the course of a year that continuously felt unprecedented.

    Runaways #1

    Writer: Rainbow Rowell Artist: Kris Anka Colors: Matthew Wilson Cover Art: Kris Anka Published: September 13, 2017 If you haven’t read the Runaways before, it’s okay this book is still for you. That is no small accomplishment for writer Rainbow Rowell as the Runaways haven’t had an ongoing since 2009, and she can’t assume that […]

  • Mister Miracle #2

    Episode 11: Spirited Away

    We are back after the holiday break with another episode in our Studio Ghibli series. This time it’s Spirited Away, the only Studio Ghibli movie to win an Oscar. This is widely considered their best movie for reasons that we try to figure out during our conversation.

    Episode 10: BTS & Sufjan Stevens Holiday Music

    It’s a musical mashup episode in which we mash up two genres that have basically nothing to do with each other. For the first half of the episode We talk about the pop music sensation BTS and their new-ish album Be. We follow that up in the second half of the episode with a a thorough, or at least as thorough as we could be, discussion of the Christmas and holiday music of Sufjan Stevens.

    Bonus Episode: Kiki’s Delivery Service

    We are back with another Studio Ghibli movie! This time we watched Kiki’s Delivery Service and then we tried to talk about it. This is an extremely funny and pleasant movie but in way that’s different from a movie like My Neighbor Totoro and we tried to get at exactly why that is.

    Episode 9: Slaughterhouse Five (GN)

    Episode nine is here and this one is definitely not bad! No, it’s actually really good and we are proud of it. Angela and I discuss the recently released graphic novel adaptation of the Slaughterhouse Five. We were both a little nervous that we were going to struggle to find something to latch onto in here and really analyze. It ended up that we both dug into this question of how do you adapt a novel into a similar but still crucially different medium. What gets brought along and what is left behind.

    Episode 8: Princess Mononoke

    We are back for episode eight with our second Studio Ghibli movie. This week we watched the 1997 movie Princess Mononoke. I think we both expected something a little bit different based on the last Ghibli movie we watched but we both very much enjoyed the complexity we found here.

    Episode 7: Boys State

    Ohhh it’s a bit of spicy one. Episode number seven and we are already talking politics. This is our best episode yet though I think. We talk about the Recent Apple TV+ movie Boys State, where a bunch of teenage boys don’t learn how politics actually work, or maybe they do, we’ll get into into. Hope you enjoy.

    Mister Miracle #2

    Writer: Tom King Art, Inks, Colors: Mitch Gerads Cover Art: Nick Derington Published: September 13, 2017 It’s fair to say that the action kicks off immediately in Mister Miracle (MM) #2. The opening  couple of pages are a gross/delightful fight between MM and some parademons on New Genesis. He starts off by blasting one unsuspecting […]

  • Mister Miracle #1

    Episode 6: Mystery Show Podcast

    It’s time for us to get very meta, by doing a podcast about another much more popular podcast. No but really this is a good one. Mystery Show occupies an important space for both of us but also kind of in what podcasts have become. It’s an interesting time capsule of that moment in podcasting but it definitely has many enduring qualities.

    Episode 5: My Neighbor Totoro

    Episode five, half way to ten! This week we talk about the Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbor Totoro. This is the first of a series of Ghibli movies that we will be watching over the next few months. This is very much an introduction to the works of Studio Ghibli for both of us and a process of learning how to talk about these movies.

    Episode 4: The King of Staten Island

    We did it, or Angela finally made me do it. We watched The new(ish) Judd Apatow movie made with comedian Pete Davidson and released earlier this year on the internet. This one gets a little heavy as we try to figure out exactly what this movie is trying to do and does it succeed.

    Episode 3: A Tale For The Time Being

    Episode Three is here. I know it’s too early to have a long lost episode but this is our lost first episode. We weren’t sure if we wanted to re-record the episode but we thought it was worth it, we hope you do too.

    Episode 2: Sufjan Stevens – The Ascension

    Episode 2 of the podcast is here! We get into the new album from Sufjan Stevens, The Ascension. You’re going to hear us struggle with these first impression and react to Sufjan’s opinions about his past work and how this album critiques that work. e first impression and react to Sufjan’s opinions about his past work and how this album critiques that work. I hope we did his work justice because he really is one of our favorite artists and his work has meant a lot to us over the years.

    Episode 01: Oxenfree

    Our first episode, and it’s international podcast day no less! We get into the narrative/interactive game Oxenfree and try to figure our what it’s all about.

    Mister Miracle #1

    Writer: Tom King Artist, Inks, Colors: Mitch Gerads Cover Art: Nick Derington Published: August 9, 2017 Page four of Mister Miracle #1 (MM #1) presents a memory of a young Scott Free attempting to/actually drawing God and telling his teacher, in a very serious voice, that no one knew what God looked like until now. […]